To Inspire, Ideate, Initiate and Include as to facilitate young professionals, innovators and all those that find themselves on a road of transitions to Think and Act Meaningfully.

Introducing: ChangeX!

ChangeX addresses contemporary challenges and hot topics by means of pitches, educational and networking events – and to do so well beyond the ‘bubbles’ people find themselves in. At the core of ChangeX are the ChangeX keynote events. Speakers are sourced from the very best of Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the wider world. They are provided with the stage of X to share ideas with people who might not otherwise have the chance to hear them. We combine this depth of expertise with interactive elements. Our events take on many alternative forms: panels, live-streaming, case studies and social gatherings, so that the valuable ideas contained within are as accessible as possible. Organized by Change= Residents and Change= Alumni. 

We invite our members, attendees and viewers to challenge themselves and the preconceived notions they may have. Our out-of-the-box speakers certainly will.  

Who are ChangeX?

ChangeX was started by a group of Change= residents living in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost who had spotted the breadth of knowledge and experience in the area that was going untapped. We searched for a platform to connect local values to global scenarios but couldn’t find one -- so we made one ourselves. We quickly realised that this is an issue that affects more than just Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, and have since expanded our pool beyond regional and national bounds.