Post Covid Design Workspace: cleaning the air together with LUG.

March 01, 2021

Change= PRO creates virus cleared event & meeting environment together with light innovation partner LUG from Poland

Change= is very proud to have partnered with light manufacturer and innovator LUG, having installed the hugely innovative UV-C air & surface cleansers, killing up to 99% of germs, virus and bacteria within its range. Change= PRO has equipped, among others, its future-forward studio-grade auditorium with the devices, close-to-guaranteeing a virus-free environment. Any response to Covid has to be made in multiple ways. Social distancing, masks, good spatial design: we are all only too aware. LUG’s solution is a great addition to the set of tools at our disposal, allowing for a not so distant future to open up and continue with our personal and professional lives again. With the LUG solution, PRO can confidently state we have created one of the most Corona proof meeting and event environments in all of greater Amsterdam – and we are very, very proud of that. So: THANK YOU LUG, thank you for your innovations, your partnership! 

…and if you want to learn more about the solution, do read on. LUG’s PureLight solution is based on UV light. It cleanses the air that passes through its metal mold, producing light-filtered air. Germs and virus get eradicated as a result to exposure to UV. LUG productized it throughout the first wave of Covid-19. Its solutions are fully certified within the EU. More about LUG: