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Flexible Workspace Options

Located at the heart of PRO, our Grand Cafe and Work Lounge offers you the freedom to select your ideal workspace. With convenient access from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, you have the flexibility to optimize your day in an environment that best suits your needs. Our Grand Cafe also offers the opportunity to indulge in an extensive menu. It's the perfect place to work, conduct meetings and network, all while enjoying delightful dishes and refreshing beverages. The use of flexible workspaces in the Grand Cafe is complimentary; we only ask that you partake in our offerings to make the most of this facility.

Affordable coworking spaces with 24/7 access at €180/Month!

For those seeking a more permanent solution, we also offer flexible workspaces on the 8th floor, where you can rent a workspaceon a monthly basis for just €180. With 24/7 access to this office space, you have the flexibility to be productive at any time. These flexible coworking workspaces are shared with 10 other professionals, providing a collaborative atmosphere. You'll have access to a kitchen, printer, high-speed internet and whiteboards, ensuring that all your professional needs are met in a well-equipped and conducive environment.

Meeting Rooms

PRO offers high-end event, workshop and event rooms in varying sizes, with all fixed and optional facilities & services you may require. Whiteboards, screens, flexible furniture, high end connectivity – all fully serviced.

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We offer last minute deals for €100 per day!

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Organize your meeting at:

Pink Cadillac - Starting from €35,- per hour

Nobody Calls Me Yellow - Starting from €35,- per hour

Color Purple - Starting from €50,- per hour

The Green House - Starting from €60,- per hour

Studio-Grade Auditorium

We consider it the gem of PRO: our ‘post-pandemic’ designed, fully connected Auditorium. The facilities can host up to 78 participants and feature high-end studio-grade equipment with multiple cameras, allowing for any narrow cast, broadcast, webinar and hybrid event. Prices start from €99,- per hour. Contact us for the possibilities! Here are all the things to know:

  • Event Environment with an elevated seating arrangement around the speaker’s platform.

  • 4M projection screen as well as 70 Inch LCDs.

  • Click and Stream: default streaming capabilities.

  • 4K resolution cameras.

  • High-end managed streaming & broadcast events, ideal for sessions to be recorded, hybrid events to which physical and remote participants can contribute.

  • Edited Videos, Webinar Recordings, post-event production services and more.

Fully Serviced Offices

At PRO, we redefine the concept of a workspace by offering high-end, fully serviced offices that cater to your every need. We offer offices in varying sizes, all located on our 8th floor, providing breathtaking views of Amsterdam Southeast.

Grand Cafe & Bar

Meeting your prospective customer over coffee in your work environment? Host a reception? Or enjoy a drink after your event in the PRO auditorium or one of the other PRO event & Meeting Spaces? Or simply enjoy a drink at our bar? Our Grand Cafe welcomes you. When you're hosting an event at Change=PRO, it is also possible to include an arrangementfor food and drinks. Contact us to inform about the possibilities!We hope you’ll enjoy our masterly coffee as well as our wonderful lunch menu!

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