PRO Membership

Tailored for you, choose what membership package serves you best.

You can join PRO and enjoy all the benefits PRO has to offer by becoming member. PRO offers four membership levels: Ivory, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Typical perks include full access to our work lounge, disacounts on PRO facilities & services, active reception services, participation and contributions to the PRO program of events. Check out all features, services and extras that come with each level of membership per the below:


Silver is our mature entry level membership for all of PRO. Joining as a Silver member means you are part of the network, have access to PRO events, and enjoy unlimited access to our work lounge. Silver members also enjoy discounts on other PRO services and facilities such as our meeting rooms.

€85/month Excl.VAT


Becoming Gold member means you enjoy all the PRO perks. Ideal for those that want to register their company at the PRO address, require full reception services – and wish to be able to invite others as guests to the lounge. Full discounts apply to other PRO facilities and services. Gold members also enjoy rich exposure by means of events, signage and PRO online outings.

€150/month Excl.VAT


Platinum is a high end offering in which each and every service is tailored. Those that take up permanent PRO offices become Platinum members automatically. Those requiring frequent access to PRO auditorium, grand cafe, meeting rooms, among others, are advised to contact us: we’ll build the platinum pack with you, for you.

Tailored Arrangements for Strategic Customers and Partners

Change= residents enjoy special prices. For more information, please contact PRO at

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